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Generative AI For All

QimiaAI enables you to easily train large AI models on your data, and deploy in your own secure environment.

Open Source Based Generative AI Applications

Our Products

Personalized, dedicated open source based Generative AI applications to automate and boost productivity for Enterprise customers.

Your own AI Code Assistant

Your own private, AI pair programmer Assistant without sharing your code with third parties. Trained on billions of lines of code, GitHub Copilot turns natural language prompts into coding suggestions across dozens of languages.

Your own LLM Chat Assistant

Have your own, personalized LLM chat bot that is trained with your data. Use it for ad-hoc queries or within your automation workflow.

Your own Semantic Search

Easily search your private documents, email. Query and find the answers instantly in your own private context.

Ideal Solutions For Company

Our Solutions

Personalized, dedicated open source based Generative AI applications to automate and boost productivity for Enterprise customers.

Deploy securely, run anywhere

With a few simple steps, deploy inside your private cloud. Your data and models never leave your firewalls. Start in one cloud, continue on another — without skipping a beat.

Your data, your model, your weights

Own the model that's trained on your own data.Filter the content and data based on your business needs. Manage the access and keep your data safe.

Plug and play your data

Seamlessly integrate with your data.Collect, label and manage your dataset for fine-tuning. We are fully interoperable, cloud agnostic, and enterprise proven.

Open-source AI stack that just works

Train and serve large AI models at scale with a single click.Point to your data and we handle the rest — infrastructure, orchestration and efficiency.Simple and scalable.

Stay on the cutting edge with our latest solutions and foundation models.Developed and rigorously tested by our research lab.

We Develop Next-Generation Technologies


We are a growing AI & ML Company, with +120 permanent software and ML engineers

A New Renaissance

The fusion of machine intelligence and human creativity will usher in a new renaissance.

New Era of Innovation

We are building AI applications to ignite and power this new era of innovation for mankind and our planet.

QimiaAI Team takes prides with its focus on perfection


We 're a team of software and ML engineers, product and UI/UX designers, and a Sales Team, with experience spanning a variety of disciplines, all working together to build reliable and understandable AI systems.

Development Team

The product team consists of experienced  software and ML engineers, product and UI/UX designers,and a Sales Team from Qimia.

Qimia is Cloud and AI consulting company with experience from 100+ project for major Enterprises like BMW, Lufthansa, Allianz, IBM, DHL, VW etc.

Trusted by the World's Leading Companies
Qimia's headquarter is Cologne, Germany
with subsidiaries in Turkey and USA.
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